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“Which Way?” first of all highlights the discernible differences between Allah’s Time-honoured Path and the Devil’s Time-worn Path, bringing out the understanding of what it takes to be a Believer or disbeliever, or more exactly, a pious or an impious person.

Moreover, this project brings to light a general decrease in Guidance, specifically pointing out that a good many are in the dark about Monotheism, moving towards Impiety, resulting from Religious Sectarianism and leading to a difficult spiritual relationship between them and their Creator.

It therefore casts light on the need for a deep-seated Faith in Allah by successfully dealing with the challenge of Religious Sectarianism, focusing on such misdirected acts of Invocation as sacred cows of Ancestral Sacrifice, Soothsaying, and Demonic Protection.

Particularly, it reminds us of the need to pause and then orientate ourselves with respect to our relationship with Allah the Almighty.

Last of all, this write-up points the way to increased awareness about Satan’s calculated deception, centring on humans’ association with the devils(jinn).

Indeed, this is an important breakthrough in our search for the Truth.