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People’s perspectives on life vary considerably. While some take a serious view of life, truly understanding its purpose, others take a very jaundiced view of it, seriously dismantling the fabric of civilised life, with preconceived notions about religious principles.

Some ignorantly, if not arrogantly, cling to their ancestral but pagan way, apparently practising magic and sorcery (occultism).

Others, acting on the dictates of their intellect and thus behaving like a baby disappearing with the bath-water, take delight in gratifying their senses, busily and instantly serving their bestial instincts.

Yet others, gorgeously dressed in borrowed robes, craftily confuse the issue by openly but pretentiously serving Allah and at the same time by secretly or otherwise rendering service to “Rajim,” Satan the outcast.

This write-up, in pursuit of Guidance, seeks to address the foregoing underlying challenge by objectively offering an inevitable alternative to that; and that of course is the Believer’s standpoint on Religion as a way of life!