Dreams can be real or imaginary experiences or series of events during sleep, depending on their source or cause. According to physiologists, dreams are responses to neural processes involving nerves that carry information between the brain and other parts of the body during sleep. Psychologists are also of the view that dreams are reflections of the sub-conscious involving the part of the mind that notices and recalls information when we are not actively trying to do so. For them, this part of the mind does register events which our conscious mind is not aware of.

The aforesaid causes of dreams are based on the Psychoanalysis Theory, the intellectual revolution of the first magnitude. But the most important thing to remember is that such intellectual revolution is nothing but intellectual arrogance of the new sciences, which tried to limit all human mysteries to a series of neuro-genetic reactions, thereby exposing the superficiality of the psychoanalyst’s knowledge and understanding
of the supernatural.

What is more, dreams may be real or imaginary spiritual experiences, depending on whether they are caused by evil spirits or Good Spirits. For instance, Alphonse despina (1467) asserted that Nightmares, one of the Species of demons, could disturb sleep through bad dreams. Besides, in his “Sacred Books of Magic,” Abraham the Mage, a professor of Magic, categorically stated that humans could produce diverse visions in the air, in water, in the hand, etc. through Magic. For example, humans can be aided by the devils (jinn) to cause comedies, operas, and every kind of music and dance to appear during sleep. What a zany entertainment!

The devils’ instigation is serious. It is true that the devils have much of a talent for mimicry. They have the natural ability to take the shape of a human being, an animal, etc. and then copy them. In fact, these humans’ imitators usually cause events or situations to occur by making a set of actions begin or by putting the process of nightmare (imitative dream) in motion during sleep. This is imitative Magic, indeed.

Such are nightmares, which are imaginary, very frightening, and upsetting. They are the evil mind’s creation, the handiwork of the Devil. Therefore, we must always seek refuge in Allah from the evil of what we experience during sleep and then keep mute.

With regard to seeking refuge in Allah, the following supplication could be recited: “A’ udhu Bi-Kalimaatillahit-taamaati min ghadabihi wa shaarri ibaadihi, wa Min hamazaatish Shayaateeni wa ann yahduroon.” (I seek refuge in the Perfect Word of Allah from His anger, from the evil of His Slaves and from the instigations of the devils and from their presence.)

By the same token, dreams, as spiritual experiences, can emanate from Allah the Almighty. Thus dreams in the form of Messages or Revelations or Prophecies are from Allah, The Wise.

These might be warnings and/or glad tidings, both of which are good. And sometimes, such dreams turn out to be a trial. They are however more lucid than nightmares. The following Words of “Rassulullah” illustrate this point: Abu Huraira (R.A) relates having heard the Messenger of Allah (pbuh) saying, “No signs have remained of Prophethood except the glad tidings. He was asked, ‘What are the glad tidings?’ He answered, ‘Good dreams.’ ” In another version, The Prophet said, “When the time (of the end of the world) comes close, a believer’s dream will rarely be false; and a believer’s dream is one of forty six parts of prophethood.”

We must reiterate that Prophet Abraham’s sacrificial dream was clearly expressed, and it was a trial. In fact, when Prophet Abraham (pbuh) dreamed that he was offering his son, Ishmael, in Sacrifice to Allah, he actually fulfilled the dream. So when he was about to slaughter the son: “We called out to him: O Abraham! You have fulfilled the dream.” Q. 37:104-105 Besides, “And We ransomed him with a great sacrifice (i.e. a ram).” Q. 37:107 And “Verily, that indeed was a manifest trial.” Q. 37:106

It is worth recalling that when a dream is good and therefore lucid or clearly expressed and easy to understand, just confront it with Faith and/or real evidence, confide in someone or tell someone in the strictest confidence and then maintain silence about that. Moreover, pray to Allah for its fulfillment. If however a dream is bad and not clearly expressed, just remain indifferent about it and then take refuge in Allah.

In effect, we must not forget that nightmares are the evil mind’s creation, so we should not be overwhelmed by the Devil. And remember, those who do not evaluate their thoughts and dreams are easy game for “Rajim,” the Devil.

I hope you are not programmed by nightmares (jinn/demons), are you?


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