The need to discipline our minds is exceedingly important. Training our intellect might save us from degrading the quality of our Worship. Reasonably, strict adherence to positive thoughts and pure Islamic Teachings, as well as strict avoidance of such components of intellectual arrogance as intellectual freedom, individualism (self-reliance), liberalism, disenchantment with Religion, and moral relativism will enable us to have a clear sighted vision of our purpose in life and indeed of what we are doing, resulting in us being guided by clear conscience.

With such a disciplined mind coupled with a tranquil atmosphere, our thoughts are likely to be focused on the Words and actions in Prayer, without any distraction in our thought process or being in a state of mental confusion.

Undoubtedly, a sound, refined intellect and calmness and peacefulness of a place of Worship are essential for enjoying reflective recitation of and full concentration on the Verses of the Qur-an.

Therefore, to be sure of what we are doing, we should, as a matter of urgency, distance ourselves from such impediments to clear conscience as drunkenness and smoking. This is for the evident reason that, because “occult malams,” witches, or sorcerers operate through the intellect, those who have got caught up in these deviant practices are often swayed by the devils’/jinn’s evil suggestions or promptings, the obvious cause of demoniacal behaviour.

Let’s not allow ourselves to become victims of secular reasoning. Instead of disputing Guidance with preconceived notions about it, we ought to seriously think and act in ways that are consistent with the generally acceptable standards of behavior in Islam. In effect, we need to always match our thoughts, reasons, or expectations to the Dictates of the Shari’a, rather than acting on the dictates of our intellect, the obvious cause of stubborn resistance against the Divine Command or any form of Islamic Civilisation.



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