Medical Science

Aphrodisiacs and the ruling on taking them
Are physical medicines better, or ruqyah and spiritual medicine
Breathing exercises to heal the chemical imbalance in the brain
Can music be used to treat depression
Can she make use of frozen embryos
Can the foetus be aborted if the mother reads Soorat az-Zalzalah
can the nurse wash his
Cases in which it is permissible not to use resuscitation equipment
Determining if a Person is Afflicted With Evil Eye
Determining the sex of the foetus by using a specific nutritional program
Doctor working in a pharmacy
Does Islam recommend any particular foods
Drinking water in which papers have been washed
Going to the church and seeking help from the priest
He is asking about a ruqyah so that he will be blessed with a child
He is suffering from hair loss
He suffers from compulsive waswaas
He suffers from vasocongestion and pain
He suffers from compulsive
He suffers from vasocongestion and pain
He trains on patients by withdrawing blood from them
He works as a nurse
He works as a nurse in a hospital and cannot help touching women when treating them
How should a person who has put medicinal creams on his face do wudoo
Identifying the gender of the foetus in order to choose a male because of a hereditary disease that affects females
If a woman dies and there is a living foetus in her womb
Is it permissible for a doctor to sign for cremation of dead bodies
Is it permissible for a menstruating woman to hold the Mushaf with a barrier and perform ruqyah for herself
Is it permissible for a Muslim to donate his body for medical research after he dies
Is it permissible for a woman to study medicine
Is it permissible for her to inject urine for medicinal purposes
Is it permissible for him to open a business offering treatment with ruqyah and cupping
Is it permissible for the raaqi to touch the woman for whom he is reciting ruqyah
Is it permissible to perform ruqyah for a sick person who is a kaafir
Is it permissible to take medicine
Is it permissible to use botox
Is the foetal heartbeat an INDICATION
It is not permissible for women to wear shoes that look like men’s shoes
It is not permissible to keep embryos or fertilized eggs
It is permissible to shave or trim the beard
Keeping dogs, and the najaasah of their saliva
methods for weight loss in Islam
More than one raaqi reading into one bottle
More than one reader reciting over one sick person
premature ejaculation
Raaqi touching some part of a woman’s body in order to expel jinn
Reading Qur’aan over a ring then wearing it
Repenting from Drug Addictions
Ruling on a doctor who misses the prayer because he is busy with surgery
Ruling on buying and using Dead Sea products
Ruling on consuming hemp protein
Ruling on cosmetic surgery for the nose
Ruling on filing the teeth
Ruling on freezing ovarian tissue
Ruling on giving infertile women fertility drugs so that they can get pregnant
Ruling on hair transplants for the beard
Ruling on informing a patient that he will die soon
Ruling on medicine for asthma
Ruling on narcotic and intoxicating medicine
Ruling on not obeying parents with regard to medical treatment
Ruling on operations to tie the stomach
Ruling on organ donation
Ruling on reciting Qur’an and blowing into water
Ruling on reciting ruqyah in unison over sick people
Ruling on removal of a healthy breast
Ruling on seeking help from the qareen on the part of some of those who treat sickness with ruqyah
Ruling on sick person visualizing the one who put the evil eye on
Ruling on sick person visualizing the one who put the evil eye on him
Ruling on taking performance-enhancing drugs in sports
Ruling on taking samples from the deceased
Ruling on the raaqi throttling the person who is sick and possessed
Ruling on treating patients with music
Ruling on treating the sick person by slaughtering a sheep for the sake of Allaah
Ruling on using a screw made of gold for a man, to fix a tooth
Ruling on using cosmetics for men
Ruling on using medicine or mechanical means to enlarge the penis
Ruling on using tables based on the Chinese calendar to determine the sex of the foetus
Ruling on writing Qur’anic verses for one who is sick to wear them
Ruqyah by phone
Selection of Verses and Supplications for Incantation Purposes
She is afraid that she will be deprived of reward if she undergoes procedures to reduce pain in childbirth
She is asking about the ruling on drinking water over which Soorah Ya-Seen has been recited in order to treat doubts
She wants to cut off all desire and never get married
She wants to have boy twins by means of in vitro fertilisation
Sniffing wolf-skin in order to detect the presence of a jinn
Stem cells
Taking a patient off a respirator and the ruling on mercy killing
Teachings of the Prophet
The correct way to perform ruqyah for a small child
The doctor prescribed medicine that contains narcotics
The Qur’aan and medicine
There is nothing wrong with laser surgery on the eye to correct weak vision
The virtues of ruqyah and du’aa’s to be recited therein
Touching the ‘awrah of a sick person and touching blood
Treating cancer with the Qur’an
Uncertain About Fasting Due to Insinuating Whispers
Using medicines does not contradict the idea of putting one’s trust in Allaah
Using medicine to increase growth hormone
Using stamps on which there are du’aa’s instead of writing
Using the placenta for medical purposes
Waswaas (Satanic Whispers) About the Evil Eye
What conditions should be met by a raaqi
When is it permissible to do a sex-change operation
Where should amputated limbs be buried
Why will the people who ask others for Ruqyah be of a lesser status
Will he be sinning if he continues to use the computer although it is damaging his sight
Writing aayaat of the Qur’aan, washing the words and drinking the water
Writing aayahs and tying them on one’s body
Writing Qur’aanic verses on a vessel so that it can be washed and the water drunk by one who is sick

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