“Ramadan Reminders” covers issues pertaining to Ramadan Fasting and other things related to it, casting light on the following subjects: SIGNIFICANCE OF THE MONTH OF RAMADAN, DETERMINING THE BEGINNING OF RAMADAN, THE RAMADAN FAST, THE BONE OF CONTENTION, RULINGS ON FASTING, FURTHER DIMENSIONS OF FASTING, THE TARAWEEH PRAYER, ITIKAF (SECLUSION), and EID UL-FITR AND ZAKAT UL-FITR. It therefore reminds us of the need to get intellectually, spiritually, morally, and materially prepared to welcome the Month of Ramadan by knowing and understanding what it takes…

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Our Faith, the inevitable element of our Religion and indeed necessary precondition for acceptance of deeds, is being exposed to such misguided beliefs as those in jinn (demons)/ in Communion of Spirits, in Ancestral Sacrifice, in Soothsaying, and in Ministry of Angels, the obvious Faith destroyers. Our Worship, another constituent of Islam and a clear manifestation of Imaan, is being rendered null and void by impious practices like invocation of spirits (jinn, angels, or ―souls of the dead) or pictures (atumi) of Prophets, Saints, Auliya‘Allah…

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About this Book [Download] This write-up throws light on the distinctiveness of Kufr, drawing its reader’s attention to such magic and sorcery related elements, the true reflections of darkness of lack of Faith, as talismanic rings, belts, hats, stools, horns, clubs, smock, or sandals; magic pomade; traditional, magic eyeliner; magic potion; magic symbols; magic mirror; magic padlock; and magic string. At the same time, it underscores what it takes to be a Believer, seriously touching on the mirror images of Faith such as Prayer, Fasting,…

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About this Book [Download] People’s perspectives on life vary considerably. While some take a serious view of life, truly understanding its purpose, others take a very jaundiced view of it, seriously dismantling the fabric of civilised life, with preconceived notions about religious principles. Some ignorantly, if not arrogantly, cling to their ancestral but pagan way, apparently practising magic and sorcery (occultism). Others, acting on the dictates of their intellect and thus behaving like a baby disappearing with the bath-water, take delight in gratifying their senses,…

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About this Book Download “Which Way?” first of all highlights the discernible differences between Allah’s Time-honoured Path and the Devil’s Time-worn Path, bringing out the understanding of what it takes to be a Believer or disbeliever, or more exactly, a pious or an impious person. Moreover, this project brings to light a general decrease in Guidance, specifically pointing out that a good many are in the dark about Monotheism, moving towards Impiety, resulting from Religious Sectarianism and leading to a difficult spiritual relationship between them…

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About this Book [Download] This humble piece aims at drawing readers’ attention to solutions to the following mind-boggling questions and the like: Which form of Salaam is forbidden in Islam? After Salaam, do we sit down or squat? What is the most preferred Salaam? Do men salaam to women? Who initiates Salaam?- The rider or the walker? The one walking or the one sitting? The smaller group or the larger group? The younger or the older? The one entering or the one coming out? The…

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