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This humble piece aims at drawing readers’ attention to solutions to the following mind-boggling questions and the like: Which form of Salaam is forbidden in Islam? After Salaam, do we sit down or squat? What is the most preferred Salaam? Do men salaam to women? Who initiates Salaam?- The rider or the walker? The one walking or the one sitting? The smaller group or the larger group? The younger or the older? The one entering or the one coming out? The one who overtakes or the one who is overtaken?

Should a Muslim resalaam to another Muslim immediately after salaaming to them? How should Muslims respond to Salaam from Jews and Christians? Did The Prophet (pbuh) salaam to a gathering of Muslims and non-Muslims? After Salaam, do we have to enter or not to enter? Is knocking the door allowed in Islam? Is bowing as a mark of obedience and respect permitted in Islam? Is hugging permissive in Islam? Is kissing people of one’s sex allowed in Islam?

Can Muslim men exchange handshakes with Muslim and non-Muslim women? Do we have boy-friend-girl-friend relationship in Islam? Do we have to lower our wings as a mark of obedience and respect before other creatures? How do we misdirect our obedience? Are Muslims obliged to obey their chiefs and great ones in squatting and the like? Is it true that Believers are those who hear and obey? Is persisting in deviant acts such as squatting arrogance?

Other questions pertaining to Salaam which warrant clarifications include the following: Do we have to say Salaam when entering the Mosque or toilet or bathroom? Is salaaming to people seated in the Mosque after entering it permissive in Islam? Have our scholars given their approval to salaaming to those performing ablution or eating food?

We ought to ponder on these concerns, pause, and then orientate ourselves, oughtn’t we?